A Path Toward Change: Become a Beyond Zero Ambassador

beyond zero Aug 31, 2021

Learn how you can inspire worldwide audiences using the award-winning film "Beyond Zero."

100 Months to Change is a global coalition of ambitious changemakers who are working to leverage the power of business to create a socially and environmentally sustainable world  a world that works for everyone. We aim to see how far we can get together by the end of the decade (the 100 months officially begin on September 1, 2021).  

The members of the 100 Months to Change Coalition are each focused on building what is needed to affect this change in their own company, country, or region, while supporting and sharing learnings and resources with one another.

The Plan

100 Months to Change is a project of the Institute for Corporate Transformation, which believes that we can build a world that works for everyone if we can do two things well:

  1. Expose business leaders to powerful stories of their peers who are already transforming business. Stories are powerful, and if business leaders begin to see them frequently, many will emulate their peers who do well financially and are doing the hard work of building a business model that truly works for everyone. As this happens, the transformation will accelerate.
  2. We must build what is needed (e.g., workshops, trainings, programs, etc.) to unleash the potential of leaders and their teams to transition to socially and environmentally sustainable practices. Teams of people are hard at work on aspects of this part of the plan all over the world. We must find each other and collaborate to support organizations to transform faster.

We Need Your Help

100 Months to Change officially launched on August 31 in Atlanta, Georgia, with our first story, the premiere screening of a new film called "Beyond Zero." The film tells the powerful story of how a carpet company called Interface is showing the rest of business how to have a positive impact on the environment, including solving climate change. A pilot group of nearly 100 professors, a dozen ambitious companies, and a few select consultants are using the award-winning film to inspire and train people on one of the essential aspects of 100 Months to Change, and now you can, too.

We need your help getting "Beyond Zero" in front of audiences all around the world. As a part of the 100 Months to Change Coalition, "Beyond Zero" is now available for sub licensing. A sub license allows you to:

  • use the film privately for small groups of people for free
  • sell private screenings of the film to clients in exchange for a 35% revenue share with the filmmakers
  • sell access to the film in conjunction with your existing services
  • receive a revenue share when you resell other associated transformation programs
  • be a part of the 100 Months to Change Coalition

How to Get a Sub License

Sub Licenses are available to those who complete the 100 Months to Change Beyond Zero Ambassador Program. The program is led by Founders and Liaisons of the Institute for Corporate Transformation. Program tuition is $1,500 USD and will teach you:

  • the origin and structure of the 100 Months to Change Coalition
  • how "Beyond Zero" is being used effectively in a variety of free and paid settings
  • how to leverage "Beyond Zero" to help organizations make real change
  • suggested price points and selling techniques for "Beyond Zero" screenings
  • the mechanics of how to get access to the film and process payments

If you are interested in the 100 Months to Change Beyond Zero Ambassador Program, please complete the brief application form, and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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