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Aug 20, 2021

Here's everything you need to know on how to join the 100 Months to Change Coalition. 

Thank you for your interest in joining the 100 Months to Change Coalition. This is where you can learn what it means to be a part of the global Coalition, the various levels of participation, what will be expected of you, and what benefits you will receive in return at each level. Please read this document in its entirety before clicking on the application link at the bottom.

The Plan

We believe we can build a world that works for everyone if we can do two things well:

1. Expose business leaders to powerful stories of their peers who are already transforming their businesses. Stories are powerful, and if business leaders begin to see them frequently, many will emulate their peers who do well financially and are doing the hard work of building a business model that truly works for everyone. As this happens, the transformation will accelerate.

2. Build what is needed to help leaders and their teams to thrive over the long-term by making the transition to socially and environmentally sustainable practices as clear and simple as possible. Teams of people like you are hard at work on aspects of this part of the plan all over the world. We must find each other and collaborate to help organizations find their way.

The Four Commitments of Coalition Members

  1. The Coalition is aligned on a common definition of the change we seek. We are working to expand the definition of success for the business world from financial performance alone to performance on the six areas of the Stakeholder Score. Coalition members know these areas and work to advance them.
  2. Coalition members take the time to experience (read, listen, watch) the stories on 100 Months to Change and to do what they can to spread them to friends and colleagues in business education; business media; professional associations; industry or trade groups; banks, investors, and other sources of financing; and consultants who advise companies.
  3. Coalition members stay in action, continually making progress or organizing attempts to do so. Further, Coalition members share their progress openly and honestly (including the struggles) in the Coalition forum.
  4. Coalition members abide by the tone guidelines (e.g., no naming and shaming — we'll send you the rest) in any writing or speaking in which they mention or infer their association with 100 Months to Change.

Levels of Participation

There are a variety of levels of participation in the 100 Months to Change Coalition. Some are open to everyone; some require completing orientation programs; and some provide opportunities for you to generate revenue, because let’s face it, there is only so much time you can give to a volunteer effort, and we want to make it possible for you to give this work your full focus. These levels are not mutually exclusive; you can do more than one. Please review these to see which levels are the right fit for you at this time.

100 MTC Coalition Member

This is the broadest group in the Coalition and is a great fit for those who see the opportunity of the Coalition and who want to be a part of it and be kept in the loop as the Coalition activities develop through the remainder of the decade.

At this level, members agree to adhere to the four commitments of membership and join the private global Coalition group on LinkedIn. As a part of this group, members can adjust their LinkedIn profile settings to display their group membership publicly if they wish.

100 MTC Changemaker

Changemakers are people who are actively at work transforming organizations, whether from the inside or the outside. Changemakers are called upon to share their stories and their wisdom in a variety of settings from written content to podcasts to live speaking engagements.  

You can become recognized as a Changemaker by submitting your story for publication on the 100 Months to Change website and having it selected for publication by the editorial team. 

Changemakers receive a digital 100 Months to Change badge and special recognition at 100 Months to Change events.

Content Ambassador

Content Ambassadors are licensed to use and resell specific pieces of content associated with the 100 Months to Change Coalition. The Content Ambassador level is ideal for consultants who work with a number of clients and who would like to use 100 Months to Change content to begin or advance the transformation of their clients, introduce new prospects to this work, and have the ability to generate revenue in doing so.

To become a Content Ambassador, you must complete a content-specific orientation program and adhere to licensing and use guidelines. Content Ambassadors receive a 100 Months to Change digital badge for that piece of content.

At this time, Content Ambassadorships are available for the film "Beyond Zero." For more information, please indicate your interest in the application form and we will send you program details.

100MTC Ambassador

Full 100 Months to Change Ambassadors are licensed to represent 100 Months to Change overall and to resell associated programs, lead cohorts of associated programs, and align/create new programs associated with 100 Months to Change. 

This level of participation is ideal if you are an experienced consultant who resonates so strongly with the message and approach of the 100 Months to Change coalition that you’d like to make it a major focus of your business while helping the coalition to substantially accelerate towards the goal.

To become a full 100 Months to Change Ambassador, you must complete a robust orientation program and strive to be an exemplar of the change we seek at the highest levels. In return, you will receive a digital badge, a listing on the 100 Months to Change website, the ability to sponsor or recommend integrated programs (see Service Providers), and special access to 100 Months to Change events. 

For more information please indicate your interest in the application form and we will send you program details.

The Opportunity Marketplace Service Provider

As this label suggests, Service Providers provide an essential training, program, or service to help organizations advance their performance on at least one of the six areas of the Stakeholder Score, and ideally tackle one or more of the four requirements for corporate transformation.

Program approval for Service Providers requires a review process by a group of 100MTC Ambassadors and Liasons. Together we are co-creating The Opportunity Marketplace to further accelerate Coalition members’ progress toward the goal by equipping Changemakers with the training and tools they need to drive change. For more information, please indicate your interest in becoming a Service Provider in the application form and we will send you details.

100MTC Liaison

Liaisons help to bring 100 Months to Change to their countries, communities, languages, and cultures, and to share learnings and stories from their part of the world with the global Coalition.

Liaisons are the primary point of contact for 100 Months to Change in their area, and they have the ability to build and operate a local 100 Months to Change website and social channels in their language and for their culture as needed. Liaisons proactively lead the change and build the Coalition in their area. As such, they are deeply knowledgeable about 100 Months to Change Coalition strategy, organization, and activities, demonstrate the ability to lead inclusively, and strive to be an exemplar of the change we seek.

Liaisons receive a digital badge, use an email address through the Institute for Corporate Transformation, and are invited to participate in Coalition deliberations and decision-making.


Is there a way you would like to be involved that you do not see here? Write it up in the application!

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