The biggest lever for the climate challenge is to change the behavior of organizations worldwide.

As of the 1st of September, there were 100 months left to get to our 2030 climate goals. How much positive change can we make by the end of the decade if we work together?


What's the Plan?

The 100 months of change movement connects and empowers motivated professionals working together to accelerate the action towards climate resilience in organizations and markets at scale and at pace.



What's the Strategy?

Inspirational pioneer stories and action programmes challenge professionals and future professionals in organisations all over the world to accelerate action in sustainable development. In the Netherlands we focus specifically on climate action.



What's the Goal?

The clock is ticking. It's time to transform. This movement is different. It's a new organizational model. We are not consultants. We are a coalition of changemakers dedicated to making an impact at scale. Our mission is completed if we have managed to have 1 billion professionals and future professionals capable of transforming organisations in such a way that we make it to "the 2030 goals," with climate resilience as a first milestone.


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About Us

The team in the Netherlands coordinates with a global team in US. We are a new type or organizational model: professionals in partnership working with the principles of social entrepreneurship. Our team is made of 5 pioneers in sustainable development — experienced and excited to get a lot of people on board for this movement. 

The "Dream Team NL" includes Charlotte Extercatte (initiator), Maurits Groen (lead premiere), Yvette Watson (techpartner), Folkert van der Molen (press and content), Wietse Walinga (community builder).

What's on the Agenda?

This year we will launch the award winning movie Beyond Zero, which tells the story of UN Climate Action Award Winner Interface, with premiere events for business and governmental leaders worldwide starting in the US at New York Climate Week, then to the Dubai World Expo (tbd), and The Netherlands (11.11), followed by Santiago, Mumbai, Hong Kong, London, and Zurich.

Following the premieres, we will organize Beyond Zero Experiences for business leaders via additional premieres in countries all over the world and private screenings within organizations via the 100 Months to Change Ambassador Network. Our ambassadors will follow up each premier with action programmes. In 12 months time – at 88 months – we will get together to check the results.


What's the Action?

The good news is: all the solutions to solve climate change are there. It is now a matter of action.

Following the premieres and other screening events, we will offer a gamified action program and the tools of our community of ambassadors. The community allows you to use the power of the collective to contribute to the organization’s climate goals. It all comes together in a global community full of professionals with transformational power and lots of interesting data.

About the Current Story


Beyond Zero is a fascinating story, not only about inspirational and visionary founder Ray Anderson, but the struggles and determination of a company trying to become a positive force in the world. The film delivers a message that needs to be told: In the end it indeed boils down to people, and business can be more successful and resilient, simply by doing the right thing.”

~ Paul Polman

Former CEO of Unilever and member of the board, United Nations Global Compact

What Can You Do?

Let’s build this movement together. We are just at the start. It's work in progress. It's a job nobody has ever done before. 

We invite you to be our partner and/or ambassador at the kickstart of this movement.

  • Friends: We have many friends in our network who are helping us to kickstart the 100 Months to Change transformation programme. Friends do one thing and one thing only — they get our message out there. Every changemaker who supports the objectives of the programme is a friend. Together we have an amazing network and channels to reach all professionals and future professionals out there - you want to become a friend? Sign up here and receive the toolkit.
  • Partners: help us to build the premieres and action game as a kickstarter of this movement. Partnership strengthens your profile and leadership, engages stakeholders, and generates relevant data and measurable action. Find out about more opportunities here.
  • Ambassadors are professional changemakers in organizations or as a consultant who are keen to play a bigger game and want to join the 100 MTC community and help us achieve the goals of this mission. In essence we empower ambassadors to host Beyond Zero Experiences to activate leaders in business and government to take the long overdue and necessary (extra) steps in climate action. The Ambassador Program is a powerful toolkit and energetic network and will be rolled out as of November. Can’t wait to join?! Let us know here. 

Interested? Questions?

Please get in touch with us via [email protected].

Transform4C is the Dutch/European liaison of the 100 Months to Change Coalition and is holding the license for the leading story Beyond Zero in film for this region.