At the heart of the 100 Months to Change coalition is alignment on  getting the business world to expand the definition of "success" in business from maximizing financial performance alone, to maximizing performance in six essential areas for a socially and environmentally sustainable world, or as we like to say, a world that works for everyone.

Curious about where this framework came from?  Go deeper here.


A Coalition of Changemakers

100 Months to Change is a project of the Institute for Corporate Transformation. The coalition formed as the ICT team met and learned with other changemakers from around the world. The circle continues to grow as leaders continue to bring more changemakers into the community.

This site is managed by the Institute for Corporate Transformation. All other 100 Months to Change websites are managed independently by the changemakers leading the change in their countries and languages.  Details can be found on those sites individually.


100 Month to Change Liaisons

Amanda Conley Ayers


Amanda Kathryn Hydro


Charlotte Extercatte

The Netherlands

Francisca Larrain


Meghan French Dunbar


Michael Higgs


Nathan Havey


Ravi Rai

United Kingdom

Kent Gregoire


Virginia Wilson

Hong Kong

Join the Coalition

If you like what you are seeing here and you'd like to know how to join, then welcome. There are four things you need to know.

  1. The Coalition is organized around the six areas we mentioned above. If that definition resonates with you, then this may be a good fit.
  2. The purpose of the coalition is 1) to find and share inspiring stories of changemakers leading the change and 2) to share and learn together. That means that coalition members commit to both share their experience, their progress as well as their failures, openly and to take the time to learn from the experience of others.
  3. Individuals join this coalition, not organizations. It is individuals who are capable of leading this change, so if you are part of an organization, we want you and your collaborators to be a part of this.
  4. If all of that sounds good, then you can join by reading this and completing the application below.
Apply to join 100 Months to Change